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 Have you ever wanted to be a Professional Wrestler? If the answer is yes, then now is the time to sign up and train with 'Nightmare' Ken Wayne. With 26 years in ring experience and a second generation wrestler, Ken will teach you everything from the fundamentals to the advanced techniques that you see on television today. You will learn the ins and outs of the wrestling industry. Click on the pictures below to see the  television commercial, pictures from the school or hear what Ricky Morton, 'The Boogie Woogie Man' Jimmy Valiant, Lance Russell and Jimmy Hart have to say about the School and Ken Wayne.


                               Commercial                                         School Pictures               


                          Ricky Morton         Jimmy Valiant         Lance & Jimmy


    Eric Wayne and Kid Nikels had their                  The one hour graduation match interview that was shown

   first match in November of 2006, after                 on the big screen to the audience in attendance at the

  10 months of hard work at the School.                  school before the match. Click below to see the 20 minute

   Click below to see the match.                               interview video. The match took place on 02.10.08.


                  First Match                                             Graduation interview

Here is the 1 hour Graduation Match, click the pic to watch.


                                                              Graduation match

About the School

   The school is a three phase course with, beginner, intermediate and advanced classes. The beginner classes will focus on cardio vascular training and fundamentals of wrestling. The intermediate classes will focus on expanding on the techniques trainees have already learned and basic high impact  maneuvers. The advanced classes will encompass everything trainees have learned to that point and perfecting those techniques and expanding on high impact and aerial maneuvers and techniques. Trainee's will start having live matches in front of an audience in various promotions. Plus trainees will be taught how to do television promos and interviews for radio and print media. Also at this level trainees appearance and grooming will be addressed as will your professional conduct. Trainees will advance at their own pace. Everyone learns differently and your advancement is solely dependent upon you. Trainees are expected to graduate the course in 2 years, for some it may be a shorter time frame, for some it may take longer, it depends on you. The cost is $3,000 for the entire training course.

   With $120.00 down and 8 payments of $50.00 for the beginners program we train two days a week for two months, 16 training sessions. At the end of the two months you can decide if it's for you, or the School may decide it isn't for you and you are under no further obligation. If you decide it's what you REALLY want to do, you will advance to the intermediate class. Remember, your progress is dependent on YOU!!!

Wrestlers in Training Program

   Current wrestlers are welcome to attend the school for that extra training and 'polish' needed to get to the next level.  Bring your most recent match that you have on tape (VHS or Mini DV). We will  tape your work outs so you can watch them back. You will also have access to our tape library. We have 2 video areas, one for taping and watching the training sessions and working on promo skills and another for watching tapes from the library. We also take digital photographs of your training sessions that will be available to you by e-mail, cd or printed photograph, at your request. Call for rates, we also have group rates.

   If you have ever wanted to be a professional wrestler, referee or manager, serious inquiries click here for more information. Or call 901-831-4198. Or come by 201 E. Jefferson, Bldg. #2, West Memphis, Ar. Just 10 minutes from downtown Memphis. Financing is available and women are welcome.


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